Why do some people feel that love is a second hand emotion? Why do they feel that it isn’t needed? What happens when it is missing from our world?

If love is a second hand emotion then why do we need it. I have seen what it can do, the good, the bad and the very nasty. What is the reason that we feel it?

There was part of the human mind that for the longest time wanted to be part of a community. Now it seems to be doing just the opposite. People seem to only care about money and getting over on people.

I have honestly seen families sitting at a table, eating dinner and texting on their smartphones or on Facebook or Twitter and not talking to each other at all. What happened to the family?

This is the way that most of life is now a days. I am not the only one seeing this. I see people who can’t afford food but they won’t accept a handmade blanket for their kids because it wasn’t gotten from a store.

The blankets that I make are made with the hope and dreams that someone will find something special in it.

Love, it is like another word, Karma. The meaning is what matters but to be honest I feel as if most of the people I see now a days are different looking versions of ‘Agent Smith’.

This world is lonely and confused. Why don’t others reach out and see the truth. Help others. Take a simple 4 letter word and put a meaning behind it if possible.


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