The Loved One….

This is a reminder, no matter what religion we believe in, no matter what color we are we are loved. Those who feel that one deity is better than others, my question is if they are truly a deity that  cares than why does it matter if you go to a church to worship, or a masque, or a temple?

People don’t understand that weather we are Christian, Muslim or pagan as long as we know that we are loved by the deity that we happen to chose to follow then that is what is important.

Everyone wants to know that they are loved and one day they are going to be with the deity that they care for. I have tried to follow the rules that are set down by the Christian god and I found that the more questions I asked the more I was told to take it on faith.

I question things and to me the more I know and understand the more that I see what is really going on. We all make choices, it is the great undoing of any equation. So do look outside the box, it is safe to do.


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